You focus on growing your business.
We'll handle the logistics.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, just off I-80 and I-29, our distribution center is an ideal central hub for your first-and-final-mile distribution needs in the Midwest.

With all your orders for a geographic area flowing through a central distribution center, we can mitigate the procedural flaws that happen when there's a need to communicate across multiple facilities and transportation companies. By avoiding these errors, you dramatically decrease breaks in your supply chain and increase your trustworthiness with your clients.

More than simply a place to store your goods, Trans-Motion's distribution services handle the logistics of product intake, processing, storage, and distribution. Our facilities are equipped with fifteen dock doors making processes like cross-docking and trans-loading a breeze, and our drive-in doors allow for quick and climate-controlled loading for courier distribution.

With a fleet of 40 trucks, and over one hundred 53' dry van trailers, we can dispatch our drivers at a moment's notice for your distribution needs. In addition to the fleet operating under our authority, we can also leverage our relationships with hundreds of outside carriers via our in-house brokerage company, I-80 Logistics, LLC. Access to this vast network guarantees your product arrives at its final destination on time and with integrity.

Let us take on the mental load

Our services save you money by avoiding costly shipment delays, exorbitant temporary storage fees, or losing customers due to delayed shipments, incomplete orders, or stockouts. While decreasing your costs and liability in these areas is a great benefit that comes with trusting your distribution needs to Trans-Motion, perhaps the greatest benefit we offer is alleviating your owners and managers from the mental load of logistics struggles. Instead of spending their time trying to problem-solve across multiple parts of the supply chain, they can focus on what they do best - building your business.

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